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UNiCORN Aims & Values


  • To describe, develop and evaluate a clinically, theoretically and empirically informed model for understanding and managing uncertainty distress that is unifying across both mental and physical healthcare settings


  • To develop understanding of the role of threat, overestimation of threat, perceived uncertainty, actual uncertainty and intolerance of uncertainty in distress maintenance


  • To develop understanding of how people may behave in response to uncertainty distress, to normalise these responses and identify potentially modifiable processes that may help practitioners mitigate distress



UNiCORN Ethics

Our conduct is informed by the following documents:


UNiCORN Values

We value objectivity, honesty, openness, accountability, fairness and stewardship.

  • Collaboration: We work together as an interdisciplinary team to acknowledge limitations of any individual, advance our different skills and abilities, and to combine our knowledge and experience in the pursuit of good scientific practice.


  • Scientist-Practitioner Model: We reflect on our clinical experience to inform our work and aim to produce research that is embedded and applicable to everyday clinical practice.


  • Open Science: We are guided by the principles and practices of open science.

“Open Science is transparent and accessible knowledge that is shared and developed through collaborative networks” It helps the scientific community, the business world, political actors, and citizens to have a common and clear understanding about what Open Science is, and stimulates an open debate about the social, economic, and human added value of this phenomenon."


Vicente-Sáez, R., & Martínez-Fuentes, C. (2018). Open Science now: A systematic literature

review for an integrated definition. Journal of Business Research, 88, 428-436.

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