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  • Layla Mofrad

Reflections on EABCT 2021

Written by Layla Mofrad

The conference is over now and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our experience of EABCT 2021. It has been busy for us with a range of presentations from different team members. Between us we covered: findings from our survey of uncertainty distress during the pandemic, experiences of long covid and uncertainty, observations of how uncertainty manifests and is managed in physical health settings, applications of the uncertainty distress model to climate change, a clinical skills class on making friends with uncertainty, and Mark Freestons keynote which brought all of this together and provided an overview of what seems important to us right now and going forward. We found the experience of putting all of this together and into a presentable format really helped us to see what we have achieved over the last 18 months. We were appreciative of the high in person and online attendance at our presentations, and for the insightful and pertinent questions that were asked, and which always help to move our thinking forward.

It was a pleasure to share a stage with Dr Jo Daniels and hear about her work with Hannah Rettie on the particular experience of those who have shielded during the pandemic, and the vicarious experiences of those around them.

We had so many opportunities at conference to embrace and demonstrate our uncertainty skills! Most of our presentations had some aspect of hybrid working which of course came with technical hitches and plenty of live in the moment experiences of wondering whether our slides or co presenters were going to re appear at the required time! Well done IABCP and EABCT for using this format which allowed so much flexibility for presenters and delegates, truly allowing us to approach our goals with enough space in the system to accommodate the unexpected and expected uncertainties of covid life.

We were delighted to hear that friend of Unicorn Saiqa Naz is the new president elect of the BABCP. The huge presence of the Equality and Diversity SIG and volume of engaging work they produced at EABCT exemplified Saiqa’s leadership skills and we look forward to seeing her in action next year.

There was so much to learn, and as a team we are still processing everything that we have taken away. We saw parallels and links to uncertainty across multiple areas including depersonalisation, misophonia, tackling structural oppression and inequalities, understanding suicide risk, parenting and childhood anxiety just to name a few.

We absolutely loved being in Belfast and meeting in person for the first time since our network began. The context and history was reflected in the programme and having spent much of the last 18 months behind a screen, we loved the chance to really connect with the psychology of the people and place. The keynote by Michael Duffy on responding to trauma during civil conflict encapsulated this for us.

Thanks for having us EABCT. See you soon . . . . .

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